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Christ Ambassadors Church exists to help people Discover their purpose, Activate their God-given talent, and develop their full potential for Kingdom impact.

We are a Spirit-filled, Spirit-led church dedicated to embracing and sharing the transformative love and gospel of Jesus Christ. At our heart, we believe in inspiring and equipping individuals to become true ambassadors of Christ in their communities and beyond.

Our services are more than a gathering; they’re a genuine expression of love and gratitude to God. Through heartfelt worship, we seek to connect with the divine and create an atmosphere where the transformative power of God’s love can be experienced by all.

God’s plan is for you to know and experience Him intimately, that’s why we propagate clear and faithful teachings that guide and nurture spiritual growth resulting in a magnificent life of purpose that impacts people with God’s love and leaves a lasting legacy.At Christ Ambassadors Church, we nurture people that are fully devoted to know more of God, desire to be relationally connected to others and passionately connected to their communities.

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We welcome people from all walks of life - wherever you’re from, whether you're taking your first steps in faith or have been on this path for a lifetime, there's a place for you at Christ Ambassadors Church.

We’d love to meet you at one of our services, and together, let's experience the joys of being ambassadors of Christ in a world that needs His love and a kingdom that needs to be expanded.

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