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Here are some of the frequently asked questions.

Our services are held at 11 am every Sunday.

We are actively progressing in this direction, and once our plans are finalized, we’ll be sure to let you know. You can also sign up for our newsletter at the footer section, and follow us on Instagram, Facebook & YouTube to stay updated.

Definitely! Our passion extends beyond Sunday services as we strive to create an enriching experience for everyone. Our Cell Groups come together in specific locations in the area for intimate, uplifting group discussions.
We’re also charged with uplifting and serving our local communities, through our various outreach initiatives.

Visit our Ministries page to learn more.

A typical Sunday service lasts 60-90 minutes, and contains praise & worship sessions, life sharing from speakers/members, and an impactful sermon.

Our dress style is whatever makes you feel comfortable, sharp and modest as an ambassador.

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